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Geerdink works closely with Compass and Enigma. We all share the goal of being the best, not the biggest, and together we are more than just the sum of our parts. Thinking in terms of multiple solutions and challenging ourselves to improve every day has become our second nature.

Our complementary fields of expertise at Geerdink, Compass and Enigma allow us to learn from one another, share knowledge and challenge each other to find safer, smarter or more efficient solutions. And in so doing, we automatically create added value for our clients. Getting Better Together.



Compass provides the design, the layout and the maintenance for your energy, communications and mobility projects. We are the leading specialist in complex infrastructure. We ensure that before your project even starts, we are thoroughly familiar with your project, your specific needs and the desired end result. Compass has offices in Rotterdam and Suffolk.


Enigma is your specialist in industrial cleaning and services for industry and government. Our expertise lies in the areas of tank cleaning, vacuum pressure cleaning, low- and high pressure cleaning, assembly work, specialist cleaning, water purification installations and waste processing. Enigma’s main office is located in Spijkenisse.