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Our approach is founded on two pillars. The first is our drive to seamlessly mesh with our client’s own processes. We are always conscious of the realistic risk of liability at the client’s site.

By thinking ahead and through precise process and project management, we can act as an invisible link. Our aim is to prevent your operations from experiencing any delays or interruptions.

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The second pillar is our ambition to be the best, not the biggest. When you want to be the best, you cannot rest on your laurels. We are always looking for improvement by asking questions and sharing knowledge, both within Geerdink and with Compass and Enigma. What the three have in common is their aim to be the best in each of their markets, and therefore to always look for areas of improvement.

Since our areas of expertise are complementary, we can learn from one another and add value for our clients. Getting Better Together.

A policy statement is available upon request.